Vivaldi Browser Segfault

The other day I wanted to start my Vivaldi web browser. But the only thing I got was a error message: kernel: vivaldi-bin[2017]: segfault at 288 ip 000055575d16ee58 sp 00007ffc1a539300 error 4 in vivaldi-bin[555759471000+6890000] Aha… “Very good”. The only thing I did a day before was upgrading Vivaldi but only a bugfix release. Googling around didn’t help very much. At least I now knew that I was not the only one with this problem.

Start of TauCeti blog

This is the start of tauceti.blog. I’ll mainly blog about system and database administration, cloud computing, Docker, configuration management with Ansible and DevOps stuff in general. For German users also check my site TauCETI.NET.